Monday, February 14, 2011

First Review: "Mustard Plug" and their album "Big Daddy Multitude"

The band Mustard Plug is my personal favorite ska band. They are a bunch of dudes from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are a blast to see in concert, so much energy just emits from them. I can listen to all 6 of their albums and I won't get bored of any of their material, its just all so great.

  My personal favorite album by them is "Big Daddy Multitude" all the songs are great, ranging from the upbeat "Skank By Numbers" to the mildly serious "Mr Smiley" to the laughable "Thigh High Nylons" to the energetic "Brain on Ska." Each track is unique and I cannot skip over any single track, they are all great.

Key Tracks: Mr Smiley, Brain on Ska, Skank by Numbers

Expect to see more of these guys ;)

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  1. give us a link to the band! i love ska! :D